Welcome to the Warsforminecraftia Wiki!Edit

This is the wiki for hit Forum Roleplay, Warsforminecraftia! WFM is an RP about the adventures of a group of warriors who seek to overthrow threats to Minecraftia. PLEASE REMEMBER: this wiki is a Work in Progress, as the roleplay is still going on. If you see any mistakes, don't hesitate to fix them! View more about the roleplay here, and enjoy your stay!

Wiki RulesEdit

The WFM society enforces a set of rules. Refusal to comply will result with either Vigita's banhammer or Bobby's bansaber in your skull. 

1. Please keep it family friendly. 

2. Do not hate speech.

3. Do not spam.

4. Please try to avoid mini-modding.

5. Do not disrespect the staff.

6. No sexual/racial links or content.

7. Goes without saying, but obey ALL rules.

If you edit your thing extremely quickly after you break a rule, it may be overlooked. (I did that, so I'm fine with other people doing it. I just said that I rocked, which was unneeded.) But repetitive editing will result in consequences.

-Vigita, WFM creator and Wiki Administrator

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